23Threads dates back to the mid 90s, when Mark X. Marchoff, a hundred kilometersfrom the Polish capital, Warsaw, in the town of Ciechanow, has called the formationto life. The band in the original composition recorded the material, “Magija”, which was officially released by Perun records. After its official release, the band played only two shows, one of them with presentation and theater, Makata.
In the meantime M.X.M. engaged in his parent formation, Different State, and so remained for many years, until Maciek Mehring from Zoharum label encouraged him to return to 23 Threads, claiming that Marek should come back to krautrock-macabre atmosphere of guitars.

The lack of suitable vocals restricted him and he began searching for theright person. He met Ingrid Swen at a shop of a mutual friend. Their paths crossed when Ingrid was looking for musician, and Marek for a vocalist. Penetration of music and shared rehearsals began. Shortly after they found they are missing an acoustic bass. Marek remembered that once he collaborated with a visual artist,and also a good bassist, Rafal Janus. Rafal joined theband, which completely assumed its production of and involvement in “Conspicuous Unobstructed Path”. The work has been rewarded by the release of the album by Zoharum, as well as with the resumption of the first album, “Magija”. The band is preparing for gigs and tours, as well as to record new material.Members do not hide their passion for searching and experimenting with new sounds. Long live Macabre Folk!