QUAVOICE is a music project of Tadeusz Łuczejko. It was formed in 1999. Just 2 years later, in 2001, it became the top 10 prize-winner of the competition for the best electronic track held by Polish Radio 3. Since then, he has released 7 albums on Requiem Records and Generator labels among the others (“Cold” was a chart topper in the sales of the latter.)
He has performed with such artist as Tomasz Stańko, Józef Skrzek, Marek Hołoniewski, Banco de Gaia, HIGHER INTELIGENCE AGENCY, Robin Guthrie (COCTEAU TWINS), Marek Biliński or Wojtek Konikiewicz.

Since 2003, Tadeusz Łuczejko is an organizer and art director of International Music Presentations “AMBIENT” held in Gorlice each year. Apart from being the composer, he’s also a graphic artist. For seven years he collaborated with many publishing houses such as “Iskry”, “Alfa”, “PiK” or “ART.” He was also awarded many times for his posters. He also prepared a few individual exhibitions in Denmark, Slovakia and Poland among the others.

In 2007 Tadeusz Łuczejko was awarded an entry in the internationalencyclopedia “Who is Who.”