The cold corroded timbre of disease-laden analog synths sent careening into reverb mountain. The grisaille landscape produced threads through sonic territories of dark ambience, 80’s industrial, the pioneering ambient work of the 70’s, and late 20th Century composers. Envenomist is the sound of dire hailings, rain of ash, reign of stone, scorched earth and the depths of void. Among an avalanche of releases, consider Abyssal Siege, Chariots, and Bound Dominions as touchstones in the canon.

Along with Envenomist, David Reed has been crafting occulted visions since 2000 with luasa raelon, Imvixor, Nightmares (with Jonathan Canady and Mark Solotroff), Eolomea (with Andre Foisy), and brittle foundries, as well as collaborations with Greh Holger, Mike Shiflet, and Erik Jarl.