HOARFROST is a dark ambient/industrial project, created in 2006 in Silesia, industrial region of Poland. The first album of HOARFROST – “Dungeon” by Kaos Ex-Machina netlabel – released in the beginning of 2007. It was the story of man isolation and impossibility of escape from pain. In KEM HOARFROST published also songs for two compilations and the split with Mrok “The girl, who loved tattoos”, inspired by Ilse Koch, sadistic wife of commandant of the Buchenwald concentration camp.
In 2008 HOARFROST taken part in compilation by Eastern Front label with a song “Insanus”.
The first long-play CD by HOARFROST and his official debut was “Ground zero”, released in 2008 by Zoharum. It is a 37-minute description of landscape developing from an unknown cataclysm, presenting ruins and debris of steel, dust flying in the air, rust and slivers and tumbling down construction.
One year after – in the collaboration with INNER VISION LABORATORY – HOARFROST record a CD “Decline”, foregone by the single “Broken waltz” (both by Zoharum). HOARFROST also taken part in compilations by Zoharum: “Amalgame” and “Sensitive data” and compilation by Mizantrophy label “Still the same after years”.
Until now HOARFROST played live shows in Poland and Ireland.