Maciek Szymczuk. Musician. Because of the broad interests works with different people under different names. Under his own name combines ambient, ethnic music and experimental electronics in the atmospheric music on the border between dreaming and waking. The most important records: “Dilmun” (2002), “Mik-musik for piano, chorus and orchestra” (2003, Mik-Music), “Echoes” (2005, Simple Logic Rec), “Looking For Shooting Stars” (2005, Simple Logic Rec), “Ways” (2011, Zoharum).

As AABZU, with Zenial (Lukasz Szalankiewicz) they try to connect a variety of interests in the multicoloured musical concoction that takes the listener on an exotic trip. Albums: “Shape of Lost Things” (2005, Simple Logic Rec), “Rambo” (2010, AudioTong). As ANOTHER ONE, with Kuba Łuka they express their passions by creating a violent and energetic blend, in which the dynamic rhythms are mixed with wild guitar and synthesizer parts to create a unique trans. Album: “Possessed” (2005, Rec Salut). As TERMINUS Maciek heads towards the oneiric techno, drowned in noisy areas. Albums: „140BPM” (2006, Equaliteq), „Eine Kleine DJ Tool” (2007, Equaliteq), “Four Beauties” (2008, Equaliteq), “Four Beasts” (2008, Equaliteq). He also likes doing remixes and collaboration with other artists.