Rafal Sadej – the body behind the soul of MOAN – was born and brought up in Siemianowice Slaskie in the midst of atmosphere and sounds of industrial enviroment of ironworks and coal-mines, producing whole lot of unnatural sounds inscribing themselves into ordinariness of surrounding districts. You only need to open a window in Rafal’s apartament at night in order to realize why there is a such natural intuition of machine harmony in his music. In every his music achievement you can find a nocturnal silence filled with barely audible distant humming, grating metallic sounds, pulse of the machines and even noise or chaos.

He took his first steps in grind core band PSYCHONEUROSIS (92-93) as a vocalist and later he founded noise-core band IPEKAKUANA (93-96) in which he was a drummer and a vocalist. For his individual ideas, which he can’t carry in group, he found a way to realize it as project DISAGREEMENT (93-95), where we can hear Rafal’s industrial fascinations for first time. At last there came into existence two compositions: “Thoughts grower” and “Thoughts grower (hypnotic mix)” durning intesive session in July 1996. It is the recording of interaction between radio and TV broadcast disturbances with a looped tape accompaniment. At that time MOAN was born …

Rafal says that MOAN is a search, an evolution. He claims he doesn’t like stagnation, and doesn’t cramp himself. It is unlikely that next material of this project will be similar to previous ones. It doesn’t matter if it is ambient, industrial or noise, MOAN always will remain filled with unique atmosphere of industrial enviroment, where he derives from …