VULTURES QUARTET is an improvising and new music group based in London, England; consisting of core members Matt Chilton, Will Connor and Anthony Donovan, operating a revolving fourth member policy, with different collaborators for different projects, in both live and studio settings, including artists such as Steve Beresford, Damo Suzuki, Ernesto Tomasini, Sandeep Mishra and Jo Quail. The group mixes electro-acoustic, dark ambient, free jazz and industrial styles, utilizing conventional instruments played unconventionally, open-source software, found objects and homemade instruments and electronics. Beginning as mainstays of the London improv scene in late 2008, Vultures Quartet has by now performed across Britain, America and Europe, presenting improvised sets and works by composers such as Daniel Morse and John Zorn, supporting the likes of Fred Frith, Faust, Nurse With Wound, John Butcher, Adam Bohman, Furt, Phil Waschmann and Seb Roachford, with releases on SubRosa, Zos Kia Sounds Recordings, and Born in Mind, and forthcoming releases with Tzadik, Zoharum, and Somber Soniks, plus appearances on numerous compilations.