RASKOL’NIKOV is a project born in 2010, whose aim is to explore the interaction between sound and figurative representation in its most ‘primitive’ sense.

In RASKOL’NIKOV’s work there is a strong esoteric imprint oriented towards the investigation of ancient spiritual traditions according to which sound is the best medium to explore the depths of human subconscious and to handle the images that are given birth by it.

The name of the project comes from the main character of Dostojevski’s ‘Crime and Punishment’: a figure in which the man-world laceration and the contrast between the instinctive and visceral approach and the dictates of society are uttered. This visceral approach is what RASKOL’NIKOV has always tried to adopt towards its work and this is why the bowels, as the core of an instinctive feeling disconnected from the conceptual cages of the human mind, become the symbol of a primitive rediscovery of the spiritual roots of man.



Rafal Sadej – the body behind the soul of MOAN – was born and brought up in Siemianowice Slaskie in the midst of atmosphere and sounds of industrial enviroment of ironworks and coal-mines, producing whole lot of unnatural sounds inscribing themselves into ordinariness of surrounding districts. You only need to open a window in Rafal’s apartament at night in order to realize why there is a such natural intuition of machine harmony in his music. In every his music achievement you can find a nocturnal silence filled with barely audible distant humming, grating metallic sounds, pulse of the machines and even noise or chaos.

He took his first steps in grind core band PSYCHONEUROSIS (92-93) as a vocalist and later he founded noise-core band IPEKAKUANA (93-96) in which he was a drummer and a vocalist. For his individual ideas, which he can’t carry in group, he found a way to realize it as project DISAGREEMENT (93-95), where we can hear Rafal’s industrial fascinations for first time. At last there came into existence two compositions: “Thoughts grower” and “Thoughts grower (hypnotic mix)” durning intesive session in July 1996. It is the recording of interaction between radio and TV broadcast disturbances with a looped tape accompaniment. At that time MOAN was born …

Rafal says that MOAN is a search, an evolution. He claims he doesn’t like stagnation, and doesn’t cramp himself. It is unlikely that next material of this project will be similar to previous ones. It doesn’t matter if it is ambient, industrial or noise, MOAN always will remain filled with unique atmosphere of industrial enviroment, where he derives from …



Makemake is a musical project created by the duo of Rafał Blacha (prepared guitar) and Łukasz Marciniak (prepared guitar, electronics). Their music is based largely on the electro-acoustic improvisation oscillating between ambient, noise and free jazz. In their music they refer to the traditions of contemporary music, directions such as sonorism, spectralism or minimalism. The concerts are mainly based on open forms of music .



Nowa Ziemia was founded in the autumn of 2013 by Artur Krychowiak associated with God’s Own Prototype. This is experimental music without strict rules – guitar compositions penetrating drone, noise and ambient areas, often played with a bow. So far two albums have been released “Trajektorie” i “Sceneria”.

Nowa Ziemia 2 is Artur Krychowiak’s project based on two duets with Dawid Adrjanczyk (Akpatok) and Michał Banasik (Tranquilizer). The two recorded songs are the resultant of ambient, experimental and improvised music. The creators make use of avant-garde solutions with their unconventional approach in search of new guitar sounds.



Günter Schlienz is a musician deriving from the German experimental underground. He has been an active musician for over 25 years. For 20 years, he has been a part of an ambient / post-rock project Navel. He releases music in analogue formats as Cosmic Winnetou. But above all he constructs synthesizers which he also plays.

An example of his synthesizer music is another album in his discography entitled “Autumn” and inspired by the three autumn months. So is also the number of compositions that slowly whisk ahead, like brown leaves falling from the trees. Their organic nature is underlined by guest parts of French horn and cymbals. The sequential nature of sounds from modular synthesizer corresponds perfectly with the autumn musings and the slow pace of life.

The album “Autumn” is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies. The cover was designed Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). It is mastered by Łukasz Miernik.




The Belgian-based artist Dirk Serries has experimented with music on the border between avant-garde, industrial, experimental and ambient for more than 30 years. He released his earliest work behind the pseudonym vidnaObmana up to 2007 when he closed the book on this project (realizing an extensive discography). Other projects like Fear Falls Burning and his Microphonics series made him collaborate with several key-players like Steven Wilson, Justin K. Broadrick, Cult Of Luna, Steve Roach and toured extensively on the sides of Jesu, MONO, Low, My Bloody Valentine and Cult Of Luna.
In October 2013 Dirk Serries re-booted his classic vidnaObmana ambient sound from the mid eighties/early nineties with releasing 3 albums on limited edition 180 gram vinyl. The pieces are unedited, live run-throughs meant to fill up a side of a vinyl record, released on the boutique Tonefloat:Ikon imprint. These 3 LPs were followed by a few digital-only releases on the same imprint. This Streams Of Consciousness series continues.
Dirk Serries returned last year to Projekt Records with The Origin Reversal, a further exploration in re-enstating of his classic vidnaObmana sound. This is ambient music that flows from its discreet origins: sonic purity, washes of harmony, and organic textures which slow time to a phase of transcendence. On the spot, improvised and real-time. Recently he works together some of the key players in the independent music label scene like Tonefloat, Consouling Sounds and Important Records.
In 2016 the long-awaited and highly-anticipated new Microphonics album, as follow-up to his critically-acclaimed predecessor of 2013, is set to be released.
He currently runs the Tonefloat’s New Wave Of Jazz vinyl/cassette imprint dedicated to his fascination and ongoing explorations in improvisation and free-jazz while intensily performing live with some of the best and modern improvisors like saxophonists John Dikeman and Colin Webster, drummers Tomas Järmyr, Steve Noble and Andrew Lisle, and tuba player Kristoffer Lo.



Celer is Will Long, an American musician, writer, and photographer currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Celer was formed in 2005 by Danielle Baquet and Will Long. From 2009 to the present, Celer is the solo project of Will Long. He curates and manages the label Two Acorns, and is involved with the Normal Cookie and Bun Tapes labels. Currently he is collaborating with artists such as with Miko under the name Oh, Yoko, and has collaborated with other artists such as Christoph Heemann as Hollywood Dream Trip. He has been a part of other projects with Hakobune, Machinefabriek, Jan and Romke Kleefstra, Mathieu Ruhlmann, and Yui Onodera.



Musical project of Jakub Adamiak, whose compositions are mainly ambient and drone structure enriched with emerging samples, muffled vocals, disturbing noise or intense rhythm. He made his full-length debut in 2012 “There’s a Devil Waiting Outside Your Door” on UrMuzik. A year later he released his album “Lord Said Go to the Devil” (BDTA). In 2014 the cassette label Jasień issued “No Longer Trust These Eyes of Mine” that won the jury prize in the competition Łódz Album of the Year 2014. In 2015, he appeared on a cassette EP (Jasień) specially prepared for the tour organized with the projects Duy Gebord and Palcolor. The year 2016 is the time of the two new releases – the fourth full-length material “Torture Garden” (Jasień) and “Die Wölfe kommen zurück” prepared for the krautrock-inspired split with Monopium (Zoharum).



Gaap Kvlt has knowledge of the past, the presence and the future. It carries bass, drone’y ambience and desert winds. It mixes Middle East melodies full of warm air with the cold feeling of uneasiness.
Uncompromising and unpredictable. It leads you into peace and calm to change it into complete chaos within seconds.
It has released “Inconnu” MC, three EPs plus a debut album entitled “Void” on MonotypeRec. 2015 saw the release of ‘Circuit Intégré Vol. 1.’ split including four new tracks of this mysterious persona.



The work of the duo is characterized by an open form based on improvisation in the spirit of the musical avant-garde of the 60s of the 20th century. It refers to experiments expanding the perception of sound and vision, the unpredictability and the impact of semantic resonance, made among others by John Cage and Meredith Monk.

Bogumiła Piotrowska – the graduate of the history of art, theorist, visual artist, animator and graphic artist. She is interested in the liquidity of relationships of aesthetics and the glitch in the image (glitch art, feedback) and the neurocognitive aspect of visual perception. Experimenting with electronic signal flow in analogue instruments from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Using old equipment she shapes and creates the compositions of  subtle liquid forms bearing the hallmarks of the original, organic essence of the matter. Since 2005 she has been associated with the Polish VJing environment. She has participated in initiatives such as the Warsaw Electronic Festival, Share Warsaw, BYOB, LPM. A member of the pioneering VJcollective Microkino. She co-createsan international project Out of Body Performance of Kalina Świątnicka in cooperation with the Warsaw Gamelan Orchestra.

Antonina Nowacka – visual artist, sound, singer. She studied visual arts in Poland and Scotland, currently she is studying media art at the Academy of Fine Arts. She’s interested in using the voice as an instrument and its correlation with extrasensory states, internal and external phenomena, which combines in her quest for sound. They oscillate around early music – religious and ancient songs, opera. Experiments with electronics, sounds of vocal apparatus, speech without words, moods. Plays with the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra (with Ray Dickaty conducting) and smaller projects of its respective members, permanently with Olgierd Dokalski, Natan Kryszek, Piotr Dąbrowski. A member of kIRk (Olgierd Dokalski / Paweł Bartnik / Filip Kalinowski) and ANRS with Robert Skrzyński (Micromelancolié).

The WIDT ouput is constituted within its name. The band’s name is a condensation of the ephemeral and the ambiguity (WIDT as a phantom, vision). The specificity of this phonetic name goes beyond the standard language and thus is an attempt at universal verbal communication, not referring to any existing language.