About us

Zoharum is a Polish label founded in 2007, specializing in experimental music. Originally founded with the aim of releasing the music of Bisclaveret, the label soon expanded and evolved towards different directions. Today, the Zoharum catalog contains more than 100 titles of ambient, industrial, experimental, electroacoustic and IDM among other genres. Most of the albums are released in CD format, although there are also first edition vinyls, special editions with bonuses, cassette tapes and other limited availability items.

The choice of new titles for the label’s catalog is guided only by their taste, above genre limitations. Their contribution to the promotion of post-industrial music in Poland specifically, and the European audience more generally, is significant; they work with many artists from Poland and other countries, release new acts as well as renowned artists, but also refresh and present to new listeners classic albums in the history of experimental music. The visual and aesthetic aspect of Zoharum albums is always paid much attention to, and plays an important part to understanding the concept behind each release.

Apart from their label activities, the owners collaborate with another well-known Polish label, Beast of Prey, for the publishing of “Hard Art” magazine and the organization of concerts, festivals and cultural events.



Co-founder, Promotion Manager

A&R Manager, Producer,
Graphic Designer

tel: +48 605 318 630


Co-founder, Distribution Manager,

A&R Manager, Producer



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