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ZOHAR 137-2

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Circuit intégré Vol. 2. DOCETISM / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU / IXORA

DOCETISM / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU / IXORA ”Circuit Intégré Volume 2 – A Compilation of Contemporary Electronica”

“Circuit Intégré” is a Zoharum series, modeled after Philips’ “Prospective 21e Siècle” released at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. Our new series presents the most interesting young projects working in the the field of broadly-defined electronic music. Each part will contain recordings of three different projects. In the second part the following projects participated: Docetism, Ghosts of Breslau and Ixora.

Docetism is an alias Maciej Banasik, who previously worked as Atum, Contemptus Mundi and Topografia, which explored the terrain of dark ambient, drone and field recordings. Operating since 2012 Docetism penetrates areas closer to ambient dub. In addition to numerous net publications, the project has four physical releses: a CD album “Endura” (Bunkier Productions, 2012), cassette “Askesis” (BLWBCK, 2013) and “Roots” (Rasputia, 2015) and an EP “Breaking the Circle of Life” (Tavern Eightieth, 2015).

Ghosts of Breslau is the longest running of the projects presented here. It has been around since 2001. At the early stage it focused on creating soundscapes evoking the spirit of the difficult history of their city, Wrocław. Currently, it is closer to drone structures. Such atmospherics can be found on his last album, “Man with the Green Gloves” (BDTA, 2016).

The last of the projects here is Ixora, that is the combined forces of Gaap Kvlt and Micromelancolié. The characteristic features of the plant called ixora include evergreen shrubs and magnificent inflorescences. The two musicians think about their music in a similar manner. You can hear echoes of both ambient drone and experimental techno in their tracks. They have their debut cassette issued under the banner of Pointless Geometry label.

The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. The cover is designed by Tomek Popakul (the author of an award-winning animated movie “Ziegenort”). It is mastered by Paweł Bartnik and his studio The whole production process is overseen by Michał Porwet.



1.Virgin Forest I
2.Virgin Forest II
3. Virgin Forest III

4. Travel Loops 1
5. Travel Loops 2
6. Travel Loops 3

Untitled (7-9)


Vital Weekly
The final new Zoharum release is a three-group compilation and each of these groups delivers three pieces, all around twenty minutes per project. This is inspired by the Phillips silver series from the sixties, introducing new composers from the wide world of electronic music. It starts out with Docetims, also known as Maciek Banasik, we just met him, who also worked as Atum, Contemptus Mundi and Topografia but under this specific moniker he works with ambient dub, offering some very slow burners here of highly Chain Reaction inspired tunes, especially in the first and third piece, the latter complete with a sampled Gregorian choir. Ghosts Of Breslau have been around since 2001 and these days dabble heavily with drone music and the three pieces here are no exception. Long form sustainers, a bit of bird twitter, the processed crackle of vinyl (probably a plug in); it’s all right but nothing surprising. The final project presented here is the collaboration between Gaap Kvlt and Micromelancolie, which they named Ixora, a plant that includes evergreen shrubs and magnificent inflorescences. Like Docetism they work with the notion of experimental dance music, but not as much with ambient dub, but an even slower and more experimental form of using rhythm, lots of reverb, a bit of field recording, and ultimately sounds a bit too abstract to be enjoyed on a dance floor (said the non-dancer), but nevertheless sounded very nice for a home spin. Docetism and Ixora taste like something you would want more of, where as Ghosts Of Breslau sounded like something that was heard before.