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Light of the Dreams

“Light of the Dreams” is the fourth solo album by Maciek Szymczuk released on Zoharum. It consists of eight compositions in which ambient sounds are intertwined with the rhythmic, trance and oriental influences which could be heard in Szymczuk’s other projects until now. So it is not only a consistent continuation of his previous solo releases, but also the development of the ideas we have heard on records by AABZU or Another One.

The leitmotif are dreams, but the album is not submerged in the sleepy and lazy atmospheres. It’s easier to find the psychedelic and surreal visions, crazy swings of moods and musical action. In his latest songs you hear references to the best afrobeat, dub, psychedelia straight from the 1960s and 1970s. A trained ear can hear traces of the cult FM synthesis-a synth sounds made famous in the 1980s. Like his previous album, “Music for Cassandra,” this one is (almost) exclusively instrumental, lasting a bit over 40 minutes.

The graphic design by Karolina Stanieczek corresponds in a great way with music. Economical and minimalist form of the cover can be modified – colour templates are inserted into the cover and you can supplement the front cover with them. This way everyone can “dream” their dream.

The album is released in a 3-panel digipak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies.



Chapter 1. Escape from Reality and Enter this World of Dreams
Chapter 2. Dream of a Woman and Pig
Chapter 3. Dream of a Wave and Rock
Chapter 4. Dream of an Arab Omlette
Chapter 5. Dream of Five Sisters and Three Sheep
Chapter 6. Dream of the Mirror Stars
Chapter 7. Dream od a Small Watermelon
Chapter 8. Dream of a Black Dog Called Antichrist


Vital Weekly
Somebody who has been around for quite some time is Maciek Szymczuk, whose last release ‘Music For Cassandra’ was reviewed in Vital Weekly 1004. That one showed a more poppy side to his somewhat dark music and this he also explores on his new release, taking matters even further down the line of electronic pop. Guitars seem to have been pushed to the background on this new eight-track release in favour of more synthesizers and drum machines. Throughout there is an ambient meets techno meets house atmosphere in these pieces, but in all of these there is a somewhat dark cloud present, with some minor chords played on the left side of the keyboard. Nevertheless this is absolutely pleasant music to hear. Szymczuk has a fine ear for dark tunes,complicated percussion bits to avoid an all to rigid 4/4 time measure, some cosmic arpeggios thrown in for good historical reference, and one can’t help thinking of Tangerine Dream meeting Sandoz and them doing a CD for Silent Records, some twenty years ago, if you catch my drift.Variation to the dinner table arrive via the introspective ‘Dream Of The Small Watermelon’, which is all ambience and no rhythm; that is an exception however. Most of the other tracks are fine rides down the highway. I wish the weather would be much nicer, so I could go cycle outside and play this musical trip. This is no doubt Szymczuk’s best release so far.