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ZOHAR 143-2

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The Healing Sessions

During the recording sessions for his most recent regular album “The Healing”, Michał Śliwa aka Echoes of Yul recorded much more material than appeared on the album. Some of these unpublished recordings appeared on the “The Healing Session” cassette issued in the strict limit of 50 copies. The material was quickly distributed among the collectors and practically until now was unavailable in the physical form. Since the music is as interesting as on the regular album “The Healing”, it could not be forgotten. Today, in a slightly refreshed version, with minor changes, it is rereleased, this time on a CD

The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The material is produced by Michał Śliwa. The mastering of the recordings is refreshed by Łukasz Miernik. The cover is designed by Maciej Mehring and Michał Śliwa. The whole production process is overseen by Michał Porwet.


1. Children of the Marketplace
2. Aiming Point
3. All Right
4. Melt
5. La Chèvre
6. Lifeboat
7. Suffer Here
8. Glued
9. Cut
10. Shedding
11. Sweep
12. Enjoy the Crash
13. The Rust